Asterisk as a virtual switchboard

(23.11.2014) I worked with Asterisk for some years now and would like to share my experience with you in this article. Today I run all my phone calls and many other operations through asterisk. Especially when it comes to long distance calling and routing calls. My first contact with Asterisk was in 2002 when
» Asterisk as a virtual switchboard

How to sniff WiFi data

(22.11.2014) There are some usecases and legitimate reasons to sniff the data of Android and iPhone devices. Sniffing means you capture... » Read article

Increase Wifi Signal Strength

(02.07.2013) Many people already asked me "how can I increase my Wifi signal strength?". There are several different methods ranging from... » Read article

NoSQL on the spot

(09.09.2012) With the vast amount of NoSQL solutions out there it requires huge effort to make an informed choice. Though one does not in fact need to set up every single NoSQL solution to make such a choice. In many cases usage pattern can be summarized into a set of solid technical requirements. With such a

The Joys of functional programming in Scala

(08.09.2012) In this article we will go through some of the basic syntax of functions in Scala and functions as first class citizens in Scala and Clojure. We will compare the syntactic concepts with their decompiled Java and comparable Java concepts. It concludes in a comparison of decompiled closures in Scala

Google AdWords API

(04.04.2012) Google AdWords, the nice little ads on the right hand side of the Google results, are todays standard of online advertising. No longer do companies print that amount of expensive advertising or put banners and pop-ups on other peoples or companies websites as they did back in the 90s. AdWords has

Collaboratively filtered recommender systems

(31.03.2012) Recommender systems weirdly influence the way we browse and experience content online. Whether it is advertisement, shopping or social suggestions, there barely is a way around being recommended something by such systems. A wide range of systems and algorithms to provide full suggestions and recomme

Multilingual Website

(25.03.2012) It's definitely just the first shot now, but you're looking at the U.K. version of our Kammerath Network which previously only existed as a German version for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Surely I'm not writing this article just because I'd like to tell you exactly that. They way to this ver

Experience technology in-depth with the Kammerath Network

Welcome to the Kammerath Network, the information source for technology, computers, the Internet, mobile communication and everything related to it. The Kammerath Network refers back to 2003 when it first launched. Now it's coming to the U.K. providing as relevant information as it does in German now in English as well. Beside many interesting technical articles I have added some exciting books and products as recommendations as well. The Kammerath Network articles always focus on the practical side of things. If you have further questions feel free to send an e-mail or just call us.