Legal information and privacy notice

Provider information about the service "Kammerath Network" operated under and The service is funded by advertising and is operated for German and English speaking users around the world. With any requests, please always contact us first! Further on this page you will find the information in line with the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union (EU GDPR).

Jan Kammerath
Brucknerweg 29 B
DE 30880 Laatzen
Phone: +49 2241 955 98 60

For any requests regarding legal issues or the operation of this website, we urge you to contact us directly. Any use of these contact details for any purpose other than contacting use regarding the operation of this website or legal request in relation to the operation of this website are prohibited.

GDPR information and erasure requests

We are happy to delete your personal information on our systems. Please write an e-mail to with a simple identification of yours and we are happy to delete or erase the data we have collected about you on our systems.

Copyright claims and DMCA Take-Down Notice

Contact, call or fax for an immediate take-down. If you experience legal issues inkl. deletion requests for comments, please contact us immediately by sending an e-mail to Requests for potential copyright claims hand be handed in immediately via e-mail or phone and will be dealt with urgently. If you cannot reach us on the phone, please leave a message on the answering machine.


We are carefully checking the contents of our website and try to maintain a high standard of accuracy. However we cannot be held liable and do not provide any form of warranty for the accuracy or correctness of the information provided. A liability is limited to the time of notice of the actual rights violation or breach of rights or law.

Liability for external links

Our offering contains links to external websites operated by third parties on which contents' we have no influence. We therefore take no liability and provide no warranty on the information and contents provided by third parties that our websites might refer or link to. A permament check of our contents regarding external links and their contents is unreasonable and unjustifyable. With the notice of breach of rights or law, we will immediately remove these links in a reasonable timeframe.


The contents and creations of the owner of this website fall under the copyright law of the Federal Republic Of Germany. Copying, Editing and Distribution of all kind out of the boundaries of the German copyright law require written consent of the author or creator. Downloads and copies are only valid for private and/ or non-commercial use. Contents not created by the author of this website fall under the respective copyright of the third party and such contents are marked properly with the copyright of that third party. With the notification of a breach of copyright or other intellectual rights, these contents will immediately be permanently removed from our systems.

Privacy notice in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The following privacy notice and data protection information inform you about the type and extent as well as the purpose of collecting and processing your personal data (further stated simply as "data" or "data trash") within our online offering, connected services, functions or contents as well as our external social media presence (further mentioned as "online offering"). End users and consumers of our offering are further stated "user".

Generally processed user and transport data

Our offering collects and processes the following data. The amout of data processed relies on the usage of our offering. The following information are generally collected with the basic usage of our offering.

  • IP address and transport protocol
  • Identity of your user-agent
  • All data sent by your user-agent
Please note that it is the responsibility of the user to configure his or her user-agent (also commonly known as "Browser") to define which data is sent to our systems and those of our service providers.

HTTP cookies according to RFC 2965 and RFC 2109

Our offering uses a great proportion of cookies for the identification of users during login, for displaying and distributing advertising and for plugins of social media. This includes cookies directly from our servers (so called First-Party-Cookies) as well as those from others (so called Third-Party-Cookies). Your user-agent generally has technical configuration options to define how cookies are being handled, which to cookies to accept and which ones to reject. You'll find further information on this for example in the Firefox help page under Block website cookies. It is the responisbility of the user of our offering to configure his or her user-agent in a way that it rejects unwanted cookies. All popular browsers built later than 1998 support the configuration of cookies and their acceptance to enhance the user's privacy and data protection. As common user-agent software supports control of user data, such function is not implemented in this online offering (ther so called "cookie notice" upon opening of a website). All our cookies are compliant with the Netscape-specification, RFC 2109 and RFC 2965.

Use of Google Analytics

In order to ensure operation of our online offering we use Google Analytics by legitimate interest. Further that legitimate interested is manifested by the need of information to provide necessary capacity, ressources and staffing to operate our offering. As Google Inc. and their subsidiaries make changes to the software without prior notice, we cannot provide any warranty on the function or processes of the software. Further we use the Google Analytics API to automatically adapt our online offering to the usage of our users. No personally identifyable information or collected by us with Google Analytics or its affiliated software products or services. Information such as IP address or other information that might be personally identifyable are anonymised. In case of doubt, information may be collected within the boundaries of a federal state of the United States Of Ameria.

Data storage for login and comments

The user has the possibility to log in to our online offering by using identity providers for the purpose of leaving comments to our articles. Depending on the identity provider used, information may be distributed outside the European Union or the United Kingdom and may also be transmitted into a federal state of the United States Of America. We have no control over how an identity provider interacts with the user. It is the responsibility of the user to take note of the privacy notice and policy of the respective identity provider. We do store the following information in our relation database management system after successfull login a user.

  • Username with the identity provider
  • Identity or name of the identity provider
  • Numeric user identititcation of provider
  • First- and last name supplied by the provider
  • Profile- and profile picture URL from the provider
We do not store IP addresses when comments are submitted. The user has the right to have his or her data record deleted by sending and e-mail to Login information without a comment data record are manually deleted after 12 months of the last login. The collected data is not processed by or provided to third parties and processes in line with the usage policy of the respective identity provider. This data and its data backup is not processed outside the territory of the Federal Republic Of Germany.

Newsletter and subscription

The user has the possibility to subscribe to the e-mail newsletter. The registration of the subscription requires an additional confirmation through an activation link sent to the user as an e-mail (so called "Double Opt-In"). The user ran unsubscribe at any time. Furthermore with every registration or subscription the following information are stored in our relational database management system.

  • e-Mail address of the user
  • Telephone number (if provided)
  • Full name (if provided)
  • Gender of the user (if provided)
  • IP address when activation link was loaded
  • Date and time when activation link was loaded
The user has the right and possibility to delete their saved data at any time through sending an e-mail to and request the deletion or erasure. I simple identification is sufficient for the deletion or erasure request.

Hosting, cloud and log files

Our online offering is stored on systems provided by Amazon Web Services, Inc. with the location of their systems being Frankfurt am Main, Germany. All used processing and storage systems are located in the data centre identified by "eu-central-1". The forementioned data is processed by a load balancer (ELB or "Elastic Load Balancer"), an automatic system loading and scaling group ("Auto Scaling Group" with "Launch Configuration") and storage is done within a relation database (RDS or "Relational Database Service"). Potential log or protocol files or data for technical monitoring of our systems are stored using the "Cloud Watch" monitoring system. You can find further information on the GDPR compliance of these systems and services in the Amazon Web Services GDPR Center. Data previously stored with providers in London (until 2011), Amsterdam (2011-2015) or Berlin (2015-2018) have been safely erased or deleted. The system used to provide this online offering is engineered and developed by us. We do own the source code and therefore have full control of all data processing. Furthermore we do have full documentation of all data processing by our own application.

Google, Facebook, YouTube and social media

To finance this information offering, we are using advertising with Google Adsense. Google has full control of all our advertising space. It is common that Google also transmits data of third parties with their advertising system. The is also truie for the integrated Facebook "Like"-button as well as embedded YouTube videos. With the use of these additional offerings (HTML- and JavaScript-source code from third pareties) we try to ensure that these follow the Privacy Shield Framework and are officially listed there. Furthermore we only do allow adverts that contain a privacy notice inside the advertising which is identified by a small symbol in the corner of the advert itself. Product recommendations, which we create using APIs, are created without the transmission or usage of user data. Should you experience adverts that do not follow these requirements, we kindly ask you to inform us through an e-mail to immediately.